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OSEPA Open Source Policy Statement

The Open Source Observatory and Repository for European public administrations (OSOR.eu) supports and encourages the collaborative development and re-use of publicly-financed free, libre and open source software (F/OSS) applications developments for use in European public administrations. It is a platform for exchanging information, experiences and F/OSS-based code. It also promotes and links to the work of national repositories, encouraging the emergence of a pan-European federation of open source software repositories.


CENATIC is the Nationcal Center of Reference on Open Source Sotware in Spain. CENATIC is a State Public Foundation, sponsored by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade (through the Department of Telecommunications and Information Society and the public entity Red.es) and the Junta de Extremadura, which also account the Board with the autonomous communities of Andalusia, Asturias, Aragon, Cantabria, Catalonia, Balearic Islands, Basque Country and Xunta de Galicia. Also part of the Board of Atos Origin CENATIC companies, Telefonica and GPEX.

CENATIC is the only strategic project of the Government of Spain to promote knowledge and use of open source software in all areas of society.

The vocation of the Foundation is positioned as a national center of excellence, with an international presence in both the European and Latin American.


The Centre of Excellence for Free Software Jose Espronceda (CESJE) is a project promoted by the Junta de Extremadura (Spain) was created with the intention of being a tool available to ICT companies Extremadura to improve their competitiveness and market penetration national and international.

CESJ stands as a reference center for quality in software development, also acting as a catalyst and disseminator of free software to transfer knowledge and advice to companies and administrations.

Knowledge and experience of the Extremadura in fostering free and Information Society for the transformation of production in the region, are the foundations on which we develop a model of excellence that promotes CESJE.