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The Center of Excelence in Open Source software "Jose de Espronceda" releases the new version of Linex

(The Free Distribution Software of Extremadura, Spain)

13/12/2011 www.extremaduradehoy.com

LinEx 2011 is developed from version 6.0.3 of Debian Squeeze and has a custom installer, intuitive and easy to use, from which applications of interest to the user can be installed, even that, after downloading, the most commonly used have been included by default. Among the qualities of the new version of Extremadura's free software is also the possibility of becoming a specialized tool for experts in video processing, audio, graphic editing and programming. The system can even install a variety of games suitable for all ages.

As in previous versions 'LinEx 2011' has a wifi connection system of simple configuration and a new way for 3G connections offered by mobile operators and integrate electronic ID cards that require the government to interact with its services by electronic means.

CESJE supports the development team on-line support of the new version LinEx, which can be downloaded for free from http://www.linex.org .

The Web browser of LinEx 2011 is Firefox 7.0.1, while as a mail client the user may choose between Evolution and Thunderbird. The new version of the free distribution of Extremadura also has programs for image processing, video editing, image viewing, management of audio and video files.De igual manera el LinEx 2011 facilita la instalaciĆ³n de otras opciones multimedia.