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Open Source Conference – LinuxExpo2011

Open Source Conference – LinuxExpo2011 was held in Prague on 19 April 2011. Vysocina Region was one of the among participants, its representative attented on behalf of the European project OSEPA. The Good Practice, selected within the framework of the Osepa project to represent the Czech Republic, is the implementation of Open-source document management system for the public administration based on the legal requirements. Until not long ago, there was no possibility of using data box access (state-guaranteed electronic communication of citizens, offices and companies) for Open-source document management system on Linux systems. Thanks to the Open source project CZ.NIC LABS, it is now possible to use multiplatform graphic desktop application for Data Boxes access. Its functionality is a full substitution for the official web interface of Data Boxes. Dslib includes a dslib library, which makes the design of Data Boxes in Python language possible.

Also the Microsoft view regarding Open source was introduced during the conference. Applications released under open source licences of Microsoft – Ms-PL a MS-RL were introduced. Furthermore, participants were acquainted with the distribution place for ready-made open source solutions – Microsoft web app gallery.

The busy programme included examples of various distributions of the operation system Linux (SUSE, UBuntu etc.), new functionalities and improvements to these systems as well as new versions of open source DB solutions such as PostgreSQL.