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1st Interregional Workshop and 2nd Study Visit

1st Interregional Workshop took place in the City Hall of Malmo in Sweden between 29-30/6/2010. 24 individuals participated the workshop. The theme of the workshop was: Developing Custom FOSS -Public Administration Involvement in Open Source Community and was divided in the following four sections:

  • 1) The Swedish association of Municipalities for joint development of eServices,
  • 2) New approaches for custom FOSS development-new business model required,
  • 3) Developing a framework for open/shared eServices in the public Sector,
  • 4) Supplier perspectives.

Workshop participants discussed the topics and scenarios described in each session and contributed ideas, suggestions and recommendations.

The 2nd Study Visit

The 2nd Study Visit -organized by SAMBRUK- was held in Lyngby City Hall from 30/6/10 - 1/7/10. 11 individuals attended the study visit. The participants' feedback indicates that the Study Visit session in Lyngby-Taarbaek was well structured and conducted.

The majority of the Participants' learning objectives were met and the overall impression given was that the Study Visit time was well spent as a constructive and productive event. The overall average rating of the study visit scored 5 out of 6.