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4th Study Visit in Schoten (Belgium)

The 4th Study Visit of the Osepa project was held in Schoten on the 18th and the 19th of October, 2011.


The first day of the study visit took place in the beautiful castle of Schoten. The city of Schoten organised a hands-on lab where you could learn about a large palette of open source solutions in 25 different sessions. Each participant could attend 5 different sessions of his interest. The sessions were grouped together into 5 tracks: android communication, best cases for big public administrations, best cases for municipalities and tracks of open source solutions by small and medium enterprises.

The participants learned about

  • Drupal websites
  • android apps
  • libre office
  • proxmox
  • security
  • cloud computing

etc (cfr http://epaopensource.schoten.be). During the pauses they had the opportunity to exchange views with other participants interested in open source software. The hands-on labs were attended by 6 different partners of the OSEPA consortium:Vysocina Region, Sambruk, CTI, LPS, Bistrita and the Emilia-Romagna region. Also a lot of people from local Belgian municipalities and cities came to the hands-on labs to learn about open source software.

The second day was held in the town hall of Schoten.

town hall

Kurt Vermeiren, the elected representativefrom Schoten responsible for ICT, talked about the use of open source from a political point of view. Afterwards the experiences of Schoten with different open source solutions were explained by ICT manager Jan Verlinden. The open source commpany Inuits explained their experience in building open source solutions for different municipal processes. In the afternoon there was a visit of the IT-infrastructure of Schoten.