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Untangle: a powerful suite for Internet management applications

Organisation:Municipality of Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus

In October 2009 the municipality of Strovolos was looking for an internet content filter solution with the less possible cost in order to enhance the productivity of the municipality’s staff by minimizing the time spent on internet by the staff and also to strengthen the system security of the municipality. After one person month of studying the alternative solutions and half person month spent in the implementation of the Untangle application, the IT department of the municipality could finally benefit from the features of Untangle: web filter, virus blocker, spam blocker, ad blocker etc. "It was both the Management and the IT department effort to have an internet content filter solution with the less cost as possible for the municipality. The solution was needed for the improvement of the productivity of the municipality's staff by minimizing the time spent on not work related on internet usage. In addition by implementing such a solution the effort was to provide better security for the Municipality network."

Software components / licenses:The only open source component used for the installation of the software package of Untangle was a Linux server. The source code of the application was not modified. No proprietary software component was used. Untangle is licensed under GNU Public License v2 (GPLv2).

Main results /achieved objectives

  • Improvement of performance and effectiveness of the organisation
  • Strategic independence from vendors lock-in
  • Reduction of procurement/ licensing costs
  • Enhancement of system security

Perspectives:Untangle application is nowadays in operation and the perspective for the next years is to be enhanced, expanded or replicated.

Contact / info: Mr. Nicos Kyriakides, nkyriakides@strovolos.org.cy www.untangle.com