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Touristic web portal

Organisation:Jihlava/Vysocina Region, Czech Republic

Vysocina Tourism, an allowance organisation of Czech Republic, started in March 2007 to study the possibility of creating a touristic web portal based on OSS tools in order to reduce licensing costs. Five months later, the Vysocina Tourism implemented the touristic web portal. Only four person months were invested from the internal resources of the Vysocina Tourim and the web portal was ready for use. "We decided to use OSS because it was suitable solution for this project. Low (zero) cost and very good functionality of OSS software were the main motives for this selection. We had also very good knowledge and skills with implementation of OSS because we used these components in some small projects."

Software components / licenses:The major OSS components used are the web server Apache 2, the hypertext preprocessor PHP4/5, Google API, MySQL database SQL server, Mozilla Firefox web browser, GIMP 2.6 graphical software and Open Office. The source code of the OSS components was not modified for the implementation of the solution and the license granted was GNU General Public License. The only proprietary software used was the operating system of the server, the Microsoft Windows 2003 Server.

Main results /achieved objectives

  • Strategic independence from vendors lock-in
  • Enhancement of performance and effectiveness of the IT system
  • Promotion of open source software
  • Minimisation of technical support needs

Perspectives:Nowadays the touristic web portal is in operation and the perspective for the next years is to be expanded, enhanced and replicated.

Contact / info: Mr. Jaroslav Krotky, vysocina03@bestpractices.osepa.eu www.region-vysocina.cz/index.php?jazyk=en, www.region-vysocina.cz