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OSEPA Open Source Policy Statement

Organisation:Local Police of Brasschaat, Brasschaat, Belgium

In 2009 the Local Police of Brasschaat decided to implement a helpdesk and an inventory software based on OSS in order to reduce the software procurement costs. After 3 months of studying, the Local Police of Brasschaat started to implement the open source solution. Only a few person months were invested from the internal resources of the organisation and the open source solution was finally developed. The OTRS (Open Source Helpdesk and IT Service Management Solution) and the OCS (Open Source and Software Inventory Next Generation) accompanied with GLPI (Information Resource Manager) were used so as to meet the needs of the Local Police of Brasschaat.

Software components / licenses:The helpdesk and the inventory software were implemented on SUSE Linux enterprise server and a KVM (Kernel based Virtual Machine) was used for their virtualisation. The source code of the open source component was not modified and the license granted for the OSS solution was the license for SUSE Linux 11. No proprietary software component was used.

Main results /achieved objectives

  • Improvement of performance and effectiveness of the organisation
  • Simplification of IT architecture

Perspectives:In the Local Police of Brasschaat the open source solution adopted is still in use and the perspective for the next years is to be enhanced, expanded or replicated.

Contact / info: Mr. Roel De Pooter, ict@politiebrasschaat.be www.politiebrasschaat.be