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OSEPA Open Source Policy Statement

Organisation:City of Freiburg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany

In early 2007 the City of Freiburg was looking to replace the proprietary software used for word processing with an open source software application. In February 2007 the City of Freiburg started to study the alternatives and six months later the responsible officers decided to migrate from MS Word 2003 to OpenOffice 3.21 in 2.000 client computers. Two years later the migration was completed with only a few person months to be invested from the internal resources of the City of Freiburg for the implementation process. "Open source and open standards are part of the Freiburg eGovernment Strategy. The migration project to OpenOffice was... intended to lead the way to open and interoperable document formats. Beyond that it helped to save almost half a million Euros of licence fees. Additional benefit was generated with the introduction of Wollmux. Internal document based communication is now 100% open, while external document exchange still suffers compatibility issues because of the indolence in adapting open formats by the several levels of public administration in Germany."

Software components / licenses:The major OSS components which have been used are OpenOffice 3.21, Wollmux 6.50, Mozilla Firefox 3.54, SUSE Linux enterprise server, MySQL database, PHP and Apache web server. No proprietary software component has been used. LGPL (Lesser General Public License) and EUPL (European Union Public License) licenses were granted to the City of Freiburg for the migration to OSS.

Main results /achieved objectives

  • Improvement of performance and effectiveness of the organisation
  • Strategic independence from vendors lock - in
  • Reduction of procurement ( licensing) costs
  • Optimization/ Simplification of organisation processes

Perspectives:The 2.000 users within the City of Freiburg still use OpenOffice 3.21 for word processing and the perspective for OpenOffice 3.21 for the next years is to be retained and sustained within the organisation.

Contact / info: Mrs. Ruediger Czieschla, ruediger.czieschla@stadt.freiburg.de www.freiburg.de/openstandards