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OSEPA Open Source Policy Statement

OSEPA Project is a European co-funded programme that aims at informing the public about the perspective and potential use of free/open source software in European public administrations

The development of a Good Practice Guide and the dissemination of all practices to the interested parties and organizations will bring a new era in the field of open source.

Providers of FOSS practices are stakeholders who transfer their factual knowledge related to a particular case of adoption of FOSS practice of their organization.

All practices, experiences and other critical factors influencing the migration to open source software solutions within the public organisations in Europe, identified by questionnaire sent to stakeholders.

The reporting of the FOSS solution will contribute to the exchange of experiences between the organisations and as a consequence to the overall improvement of the solution itself.

Furthermore,it will boost the adoption of the successful FOSS solutions by other organisations and the expansion of the open source software as well. The organisations’ achievements will be most or fully visible to other interested organisations, as they will be published in a guide for FOSS adoption